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Watch WWE chairman Vince McMahon understanding and raise unbelievable weight on the age of 75 as Chris Jericho calls him ‘The Actual Terminator’

Vince McMahon hasn’t proven a single signal of slowing down regardless of being 75 years outdated.

The boss continues to be very a lot answerable for each single factor in WWE and works out like an absolute maniac.

McMahon has always had a fascination with working out


McMahon has all the time had a fascination with understanding

He works out each single day and persists with a strict weight loss program as nicely. He has to eat at precise occasions and has his meals weighed so he consumes precise grams of protein, carbohydrates and so forth.

WWE’s company private coach, Michael A. Monteforte, just lately posted a clip of the corporate chairman lifting some immensely heavy weights on leg day.

Mr McMahon’s mad leg day

Leg press and hack squats earlier than doing 20 Reps with 5 plates on both sides

Ten reps with six

5 reps with seven

To complete: One-repetition most with 22, 45lb plates

Chris Jericho was definitely impressed commenting that his former boss is the ‘actual Terminator’.

Quite a few wrestlers have commented on the ferocity with which McMahon trains.

That man, that’s what he does,” The Undertaker informed the Joe Rogan podcast. “His love is understanding. He’s phenomenal, man. His mum is 99 and continues to be enjoying Tennis in her 90s. That’s his coach there.

“He’s the one man, he’ll name me out of the clear blue and be ‘Hey, you exercise as we speak?’”

Simply final month, Massive E spoke about how the coach is at McMahon’s beck and name each single day.

McMahon is known for how hard he goes in the gym – every day!


McMahon is understood for a way onerous he goes within the fitness center – day-after-day!

“He has a private coach and this poor man. We now have these lengthy drives, pre-pandemic, and we’ll get in round two or three within the morning and his private coach has been standing exterior the entire time ready for him as a result of he’ll are available in and work out after exhibits and after lengthy drives.”

McMahon will most likely outlive us all at this charge! Sheamus, a person in his bodily prime proper now, says he can’t raise as heavy as McMahon does.

“The man’s a machine, mate. I’ve heard tales of him squatting practically 700 kilos, which I can’t do. I don’t suppose I’ve ever been capable of squat 700 kilos!

“He’s insane within the fitness center, he’ll practice typically at two o’clock within the morning.”

He might be the chairman, but McMahon’s physique is as good as anyone


He may be the chairman, however McMahon’s physique is nearly as good as anybody

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